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Bootcamp kicked your butt?

Sproos up your recovery time!

Supplementing your workout with collagen peptides can speed up your recovery and it can also maximize the effects of your workout.

Red Velvet Chocolate Collagen Smoothie

Who says you can't have chocolate for breakfast? Break the rules with a red velvet chocolate collagen smoothie and start your day glowing and stay on track with your 2018 health goals.

5 Surprising Ingredients for Gut Health

What you didn't know can heal you

Sproos Mini Collagen Chocolate Cups

Satisfy a sweet tooth and stay healthy

Nothing says "I love you" more than chocolate unless it's homemade Sproos collagen chocolate!

Gut Health + Collagen = A Love Story

How Collagen Helps to Restore Balance in the Gut

When it comes to the health of our gut, balance is key. Years of processed foods, stress and a few (hundred) late nights will eventually wreak havoc on our precious gut biome. This little ecosystem is a place where the right balance of bacteria results in looking and feeling fantastic.

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