The Sproos Mission: Making Health Simple.

The human body is an amazing, wonderful thing until it isn’t moving and grooving quite the way it used to. Whether it’s a recovery session after a night out or a sudden inability to straighten up after bending over, we all get some subtle (and not so subtle) messages that our body is aging. But not to worry, the fine lines, nagging aches and pains and sore joints are just your body’s way of telling you that it needs a little extra support. While it’s true that we can’t turn back the clock, we can take simple steps to give our body the support it needs, making our health a priority and Sproos is here to help.

Sproos is about keeping health simple in a complex world.

Information overload - we’ve all been there. Between competing health claims, confusing labels and a sea of bottles at your local health food store, even simple health choices can feel overwhelming. Enter Sproos. We did the research, sourced the highest quality ingredients available and turned it all into a functional beverage that provides purposeful, clean and sustainable nutrition. No pills, no multi-step instructions, no fuss. Want to make your health a priority again? Follow us – we know the way.

Sproos Values

There are a whole bunch of supplement brands out there, so what makes Sproos different?

We believe health supplements should be simple to understand and to incorporate into your daily routine. Our products are the proud results of a personal journey, backed by ample research and created with your health in mind. With Sproos, it’s one scoop, once a day and that's it. No pills, no confusing labels, and no fuss – just you putting your health first.

At Sproos, we hold ourselves and our products to the following values:


Every ingredient in Sproos’ products is chosen with intention and included in meaningful quantities. We don’t add token ingredients in small quantities just for image. We consult with naturopathic doctors to ensure that our ingredients are effective, high quality and work synergistically for optimal results.


All of our ingredients are non-GMO, and organic whenever possible. We try to keep our ingredient lists short and sweet - we never add fillers, artificial colours or flavours.


Your health is deeply connected to our planet. That’s why we always opt for grass-fed animals and wild-caught fish, and of course packaging that is recyclable and BPA-free.


We understand that life is busy. Our core belief is that making healthy choices should be simple so we've created products to make your life easier.

Our Story

Founded by Leah & John Garrad-Cole, husband and wife team behind Love Child Organics, Canada’s leading organic baby and children’s food brand, Sproos was born from a personal health journey. When Leah began experiencing gut-related health issues, collagen became an essential part of her self-care routine and helped her get back on her feet.

During Leah’s battle to recover her health, John watched as she became frustrated with the natural health supplement options available: most of them had confusing labels, were sold as tablets and pills, and had big price tags with little return. Combining their insight with their previous business experience and passionate belief in the multiple health benefits of collagen, they decided to develop their own brand — Sproos – to provide a simple, natural, and functional way to get proactive about personal health.