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    Marine Collagen

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    Grass-Fed Collagen

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    MCT Collagen Creamer

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    Super Hot Chocolate

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The Sproos Difference

We’re a proudly Canadian owned and operated company focusing on functional collagen products. We source the highest quality collagen from the most sustainable sources to create simple, clean and purposeful collagen products.

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Why Collagen?

Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein and provides the foundation for our connective tissues. Incorporating collagen peptides into your daily routine helps to counteract natural collagen decline and maintain glowing skin, strong joints and a healthy gut.

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Our Products

We make it easy to incorporate the benefits of collagen into your daily routine. However you prefer to take your collagen – with your morning coffee or smoothie, added to water, or in a delicious real food nutrition bar – we’ve got you covered.

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