We love a good green smoothie, but greens powders don't have to stop there. Greens powders are versatile and can be added to many different recipes adding a fun colour and nutritional boost. In case you missed it, we've used our Collagen Greens on the blog in recipes such as a green lemonade, cheesy popcorn and a tropical smoothie. In addition to those recipes, we wanted to spark some ideas on how to get more creative with our Collagen Greens. Five more ways to use Collagen Greens (that's not in smoothies):

Scrambled eggs

A great way to start your day is with some greens, but not everyone wants to eat a them with breakfast. Adding in a scoop of Collagen Greens to your scrambled eggs can help give that nutritional punch you're looking for in the morning.

Salad dressing

Collagen Greens can be a great addition to creamy dressings like green goddess, ranch and caesar.


Adding a scoop of Collagen Greens can make an ordinary hummus a bit more fun and nutritionally-dense. For a holiday-inspired hummus, add in a scoop of Collagen Greens and top with fresh parsley and and pomegranate.


Pesto is the perfect vehicle for Collagen Greens: green, full of garlic and herbs. We love this recipe from Dr. Tara Sunshine on Instagram.


Muffins, pancakes, energy balls - the opportunities for including a little green into baking recipes is endless. We hope we've inspired you to use your Collagen Greens creatively in the kitchen! Share your creations with us on Instagram.
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