What is multi-collagen?

There are so many different collagen products on the market, that it can get overwhelming. Ever heard of multi-collagen? It is exactly what it sounds like -  multiple types of or sources of collagen combined into one usable product. Here at Sproos, we have a product that does just that! Our Performance Multi-Collagen is a combination of various types of collagen all from different sources. It contains marine collagen from wild-caught fish off the North Atlantic, grass-fed and finished bovine collagen sourced from US pasture raised cattle and chicken bone broth powder from cage free chickens. That's quite the collagen blend! The combination of these different sources of collagen means that multi-collagen provides multiple types of collagen (remember, there are over 15 different types of collagen!). Because of this, multi-collagen has great health and wellness benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of multi-collagen.

  1. Multiple Sources and Types of Collagen

We've just mentioned this one, but it has to be talked about again. Multi-collagen is great because it contains different types of collagen, all of which support different aspects of health. Taking one scoop of our Performance Multi-Collagen will give you type I, II and III collagen.
  1. Healthy Joints

Our joints contain collagen (lots of connective tissues in there!), and so it should come as no surprise that multi-collagen can help support joint health. Although more research needs to be conducted, preliminary studies support taking collagen for maintaining healthy joints and reducing pain associated with joint disorders such as osteoarthritis.
  1. Gut Health

Did you know collagen can help with gut health? In particular, it can help with leaky gut syndrome! For those not familiar with it, leaky gut syndrome is when the gut lining becomes permeable. Small gaps in the gut lining form allowing harmful bacteria to pass through. The amino acids in collagen can be used to help with the immune function of the intestine and supports the integrity of the gut lining!
  1. Recovery From Physical Activity and Injury

As the name suggests, our Performance Multi-Collagen (as well as other multi-collagens) can help with recovery from physical activity and injury! A study investigated supplementing collagen in male and female athletes with sports-related joint pain. After 24 weeks, athletes taking collagen saw and improvement in joint pain compared to those who weren't supplementing collagen. These findings also suggested that collagen could help prevent joint deterioration in high-risk groups, such as athletes.
  1. Beauty Benefits

Our Performance Multi-Collagen contains marine collagen, an excellent source of type I collagen. Despite its name, this product can help promote glowing skin and strong hair and nails. Our multi-collagen contains type I collagen sourced from wild-caught fish, a collagen that is well renowned for its beauty benefits.
  1. All-Round Body Support

If it wasn't clear already, multi-collagen provides great all-round body support. The product is not only great for athletic performance and recovery, but also supports hair, skin and nails, promotes healthy joints and a happy gut. Multi-collagen can really do it all!

Not sure how to use multi-collagen?

The benefits of multi-collagen are clear. Now it's time to incorporate it into your daily routine. Multi-collagen acts the same way as any other collagen product, so go ahead and add a scoop into your favourite beverage or in cooking. New to collagen? We've got some ideas on how to incorporate multi-collagen on a daily basis.
  1. Water

We had to start with the basic one, but one scoop of multi-collagen powder can be mixed into water. We prefer other drinks, but some people like to take their collagen straight up!
  1. Coffee/Tea

Raise your hand if you have a coffee or tea in the morning (coffee here!). Since drinking either coffee or tea is part of the morning rituals of many, adding a scoop of multi-collagen into your morning drink is a super easy way to get in some collagen. Our Performance Multi-Collagen is unflavoured, so it is the perfect addition to a cup of hot tea or coffee in the mornings!
  1. Smoothies

Couldn't skip out on this one - the classic way of adding collagen into your daily routine. Our Performance Multi-Collagen blends perfectly into smoothies without adding an unpleasant consistency or taste. Looking for some inspiration? Try our Collagen Recovery Smoothie, a delicious Red Velvet Chocolate Smoothie or a keto-friendly Strawberry Smoothie.
  1. Cooking

Did you know that our collagen can be used in cooking? Yup, that's right! All of our collagen products are made of collagen peptides. This means that the collagen is treated with heat to break down some of the big pieces of collagen into smaller pieces, creating collagen peptides. This is a good thing because the smaller the protein, the easier it is for us to digest. Thus, the collagen peptides are easier for our bodies to digest and use. Because the process of breaking down large pieces of collagen protein into collagen peptides uses heat, this makes it safe to use collagen in cooking! Add a scoop of multi-collagen to your favourite soup or broth and know that you'll still be able to reap the benefits of collagen! PS. Our Performance Multi-Collagen is unflavoured, but because of the chicken bone broth powder included, it does have a natural bone broth flavour.

When should you be taking multi-collagen?

We've covered the amazing benefits of multi-collagen and how to incorporate it into your daily routine, and now we're down to the nitty gritty of it all. What time of day is optimal for collagen consumption? Well, there's no right answer for this one. Really it comes down to preference. The important part is that you are having a serving of collagen every day. Consistency over time is what helps you reap the benefits of multi-collagen. Whether this means taking a scoop in the morning with a glass of water or coffee or taking a scoop of collagen in your post-workout smoothie, it really comes down to preference and lifestyle. Even adding a scoop of multi-collagen into a soup or broth or taking some with your evening tea helps!

The Takeaway?

Multi-collagen is an excellent source of various types of collagen. In particular, our Performance Multi-Collagen contains type I, II and III collagen from marine, bovine and chicken sources. Because of the abundance of collagen types, the benefits are great! Everything from joint support, beauty benefits to all around general health and wellness support, and our Performance Multi-Collagen can do it all!


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Hi @Connie! Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Our Performance Multi-Collagen contains 10 grams of collagen per scoop. Each scoop contains collagen types I, II and III from marine, bovine and chicken sources.


I have been reading up on the multi collagen in your performance blend. I would like to know how many peptides are in each scoop. Just want to ensure that each scoop has enough per serving for what is needed. Thank you.

Connie Ivison

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