When you’re in all-star mode, fulfilling your health goals at bootcamp (and half the battle is just getting there, so back pats are in order) there is nothing better than watching your body become faster and stronger with every single session. During class, you’re a bench leaping, kettle bell swinging, burpee machine, and it feels fabulous.

Until it’s over, which is when our body starts to lodge a few complaints.

The point of bootcamp is to help our body become healthier, so showing it some serious love for all it does is definitely in order. But how best to engage post workout body care? Hint: it doesn’t involve curling up with Netflix (though that can be arranged later).

If you’re killing it in class, but not paying attention to your recovery process, you can actually dilute the effectiveness of your workout and slow progression toward your goals. Did you know that collagen can help with the healing process?

Not only can supplementing with collagen peptides speed your recovery, it can also maximize the effects of your workout. So for those post workout days when lifting your coffee cup is a battle and even your hair hurts, it’s time to incorporate collagen into the mix!

In Recovery Mode: Collagen

By now you’ve probably heard of the love affair between weight lifters and whey products. Whey products are basically a profile of amino acids, or proteins, that help to build, maintain and restore muscle mass. Those in the business of building and repairing muscle have long known about the benefits of supplementing with amino acids.

Collagen peptides, found in collagen supplements, are also amino acid proteins. They function in much the same way, but with a wider range of benefits. Due to the complete profile of essential and non-essential amino acids, collagen peptides provide some amazing tools to help your body recover its jam after a tough class.

Collagen for Workout Recovery: The Highlight Reel

One of the secret weapons of collagen supplementation is the fact that it actually builds up our connective tissue, which provides strength and structure to our entire system. But it doesn’t stop there:

Fight inflammation - A tough workout puts our body to the test, and our body’s natural response to that test is inflammation, which can make for an uncomfortable recovery. Happily, collagen helps to fight inflammation, allowing you to ‘bounce back’. Sproos Up Your Joints also contains turmeric, which is another potent anti-inflammatory agent.

Sleep, glorious sleep - Sleep is where our body does a lot of important repair work, busily healing from the day’s expenditure and prepping us for the morning. However, so many people now have issues with sleep that this natural recovery process eludes them altogether. Glycine, one of the key non-essential proteins found in collagen, actually promotes a deep, restful sleep, during which you can heal and restore. So go ahead and have a nap after class: who’s going to argue with science?

Increased joint performance AND protection - Collagen supports joint health by increasing the integrity and suppleness of our joints. Best of all, it promotes the health of the connective tissue in our joints. The connective tissue found in joints is what forms cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Don’t let joint pain drag down your workout performance, Sproos Up Your Joints also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which specifically supports the hydration, lubrication, and cushioning of joints.

Heal it - Both glycine and proline, which are part of the amino acid profile of collagen peptides, promote recovery time by helping to heal activity related injuries.

Build Muscle - Another rockstar amino acid found in collagen, arginine, helps to maintain and restore muscle mass. It’s also thought to stimulate growth hormones in the pituitary gland, which may actually help to grow muscle mass.

Not just for after class - A daily dose of collagen can actually prime you for a workout. Besides being a key recovery item, you can also rely on it to help you in your workout in terms of stamina, energy and flexibility.

What you do during recovery from bootcamp is almost as important as the class itself, so show that hard working bod some love and Sproos up your recovery with collagen!


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