Wouldn’t it be great if prenatal programs emphasized the importance of self-care for moms? Because as every mother quickly learns, life changes dramatically once that little bundle arrives on the scene. Going from a free agent who can eat, sleep and scroll on her own schedule, to plunging headfirst into the baby love fest and that surreal, sleepless world of new parenthood can be a shock, to say the least.

After the physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth, the focus should be 100% on rest and recovery. But instead, most new moms are swept up in the endless rhythm of life with baby (fueled only by caffeine and hormones). And in that blur of back to back feeding sessions, precious little sleep and eating while standing in front of an open fridge door, some serious depletion is taking place.

That depletion, if left unchecked, can have an effect on everything from our physical health to our mental wellbeing – so the time to start self-care is now.

It’s the Little Things

The beauty of self-care is that it doesn’t have to mean going big. Although a luxurious spa day with a bestie or two, gloriously kid free and maximizing the massage option is definitely living your best life, arranging those jaunts is tricky. The good news? You can reap even more powerful benefits out of small, daily changes.

Self-Care = Self-Love

The Basics: Exercise, clean eating and good sleep hygiene.

The Magic: Do things that make your heart sing.

Movement is EVERYTHING – Let’s face it: kids are slow. It’s impossible to get a work out walking with kids – they meander, backtrack and stop to pet every doggo. So it’s important to work some type of real exercise into the day – every day. Be it yoga in the living room (even with a toddler crawling on you) a speed walk around the block with the stroller or even an all ages kitchen dance party, daily exercise will keep you healthy and sane.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene – No one can predict how children will sleep, but once they are finally snoozing, fight the urge stay up with a bag of cookies and Netflix. Instead, try to choose soothing rituals like a bath, a walk, meditation or even chatting with a friend. This will help you ease into bedtime in a relaxed state. Most importantly, try to turn your screens off before your bedtime routine.

Gut Health – Clean eating and supplements can support optimal gut health. Poor gut health or ‘leaky gut’ has been linked to a wide range of symptoms, like anxiety, depression, weight gain, bloating and foggy head. Did you know that collagen can help? With the ability to restore and build connective tissue, such as that found in the intestinal lining, collagen is one of the key supplements for healing leaky gut syndrome, our Sproos Up Your Gut blend contains six synergistic ingredients that work to create a balanced and happy little microbiome. Leading to global benefits for your entire body.

Social Connection – If you think of happiness in terms of a Venn diagram, social connection is one of the key circles. While it isn’t always feasible to get some face to face time, one of the benefits of today’s technology is that it’s easier than ever to connect with people. So even if you can’t escape for a glass of wine and a giggle, use the phone a friend option for a quick check in.

Keep Your Appointments – When you’re busy playing super mom, it’s easy to ignore those minor aches and odd symptoms, but it’s important to schedule in time to see a doctor and get things checked out – to avoid larger health issues down the road.

Meditation for the Win – Meditation has proven health benefits as it helps to relax the mind and body. Think you don’t have time? Even five minutes can make a difference. Time to get your om on.

Skin Care – Show your skin some love by taking time to wash and moisturize nightly. Add in collagen supplements for help in healing (and a healthy GLOW). Sproos Up Your Skin contains collagen and other rock star ingredients, designed to work meaningfully from within to enhance your skin and hair health. Not to mention that collagen is amazing for the rest of your body too. Learn more about The 10 Health Benefits of Collagen here.

Sprinkle in Some Magic – Whether it’s sketching, hiking, paddle boarding, baking or simply playing fetch with your best muddy buddy, make time for those things in life that make your soul happy. That is self-care at its finest.

So for all those living the #momlife: take heed and remember; those adorable little eyes are always watching – so model the importance of self-care right from the start. Because when mom is happy – everybody’s happy!

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