We're big fans of collagen powder here at Sproos (obviously!). It is a super versatile powder that can virtually be added to anything. Because of this, collagen powder can easily be added into your daily routine! The sky is the limit when it comes to all of the different way of using collagen powder. Before we get started, we recommend reading all about collagen and its benefits. If you are new to collagen, it'll be good to get a better understanding as to why collagen is so important and why so many people are adding collagen powder to their daily routine.

How do I mix collagen powder into my drinks without it clumping?

Here at Sproos we pride ourselves in creating collagen powders that are highly soluble. What does this mean? Well, it just means that all of our powders can dissolve easily into water and other beverages. Despite this, mixing any powder into a liquid may cause some clumping, so here are some tips to avoid that.
  1. Put the powder in first, then the liquid.

Okay this one might seem a little backwards but trust us on this one! If you are mixing our collagen powders into water or coffee (or tea or juice!), put the powder in the cup first. Then pour your beverage on top. This allows the collagen powder to be completely covered and submerged. Then grab something to mix your drink with and mix away!
  1. Use a shaker bottle (you know, the ones that people use for their post workout shake!).

Toss in your collagen powder and drink of choice and shake, shake, shake.
  1. A frother. Need we say more?

This method is a Sproos team favourite. Using a frother is a quick and easy way to mix collagen powder into a drink. And, it adds a nice frothy-ness (or layer of foam) to drinks which is a bonus if drinking coffee. It almost feels like you're drinking one of those overpriced lattes!

What can I add my collagen powder to?

  1. Water

This is one simple – all you need is one cup of water and one scoop of collagen! For this option, we recommend using our collagen blends: Beauty Collagen, Gut Collagen and Joint Collagen. All three of these products are flavoured and sweetened with natural sweeteners. Once mixed with water, you'll have a delicious and healthy beverage!
  1. Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate

A customer favourite, and an easy way to add more collagen into your diet without drastically changing your daily routine. All you've got to do is add a scoop of Marine or Grass-Fed Collagen, or a scoop of one of our creamers! Going the hot chocolate route? We've made this so simple now with our Super Hot Chocolate. All you need is a scoop of Sproos Super Hot Chocolate and one cup of water, and you've got yourself a delicious treat. (Fun tip: add a scoop of our Super Hot Chocolate to coffee for a yummy mocha!)
  1. Smoothies

All you have to do is add a scoop of one of our collagen powders to your favourite smoothie. We've got some easy smoothie recipes to get you started: collagen recovery smoothie and keto smoothie.
  1. Baking (and no-bake goodies)

For us, Marine Collagen is the superstars here. Simply add at least one scoop of collagen to your desired recipe. We love making no-bake bites (check out the best customizable energy ball recipe) and delicious baked goods like these paleo gingerbread brownies!
  1. Oatmeal, Yogurt and Pudding

Are you the type of person to have a bowl of oatmeal or yogurt every morning for breakfast? Adding in half to one scoop of Marine Collagen or Grass-Fed Collagen or a scoop of our MCT Collagen Creamer to oatmeal, yogurt and pudding is an excellent way to add collagen into your diet and get a little extra protein in the mornings!
  1. Soup

Adding collagen to soup is an excellent way to sneak in some collagen. For this, we recommend some of our pure collagen powders such as our Performance Multi-Collagen or Grass-Fed Collagen. We've got a recipe to get you started – spring vegetable soup.
  1. And so much more!

Check out some of these fun recipes: cheesy green popcorn, green lemonade, fatbomb collagen popsicles.

Can I really add collagen powder to anything?

The short answer - yes! At Sproos, all of the collagen in our products are hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Collagen itself is a large protein which can make it difficult for our bodies to break it down and absorb it. However, collagen peptides undergo a process called hydrolysis. Essentially what happens is that the large collagen protein is broken down into smaller, more digestible pieces. This process of hydrolysis (breaking down collagen into smaller pieces) usually requires a food-grade acid (at Sproos we use malic acid and citric acid), heat and water. The important part to note is the heat. Because our products are heat-treated, this makes it possible for our collagen powders to be added to hot beverages, cooking or baking without the risk of ruining the protein and thus removing any benefits!

I'm not sure what Sproos collagen powder would be best for adding to recipes. Any suggestions?

If you are looking for a product that can be added to foods without altering the taste or texture, we'd recommend our pure collagen products: Marine Collagen, Grass-Fed Collagen or Performance Multi-Collagen. All three of these products contain 100% collagen with no added flavours or sweeteners. While these products are unflavoured and can be added to water, we usually recommend mixing them into a beverage (coffee, juice or smoothie), especially if you are new to collagen. It is also important to note that because our Performance Multi-Collagen contain chicken bone broth powder, it does have a slight bone broth taste and may be better consumed mixed into something with a stronger flavour profile.

Collagen powders are truly so easy to use and so versatile!

We hope that by now we've convinced you that adding collagen to your daily routine isn't hard at all! If you are still looking for more ideas or instruction on how to use collagen, give us a follow on our Instagram or Facebook where we share more recipes and instructional videos! How do you use collagen in your everyday life? Share your ideas and recipes with us through our social media accounts for a chance to be featured on our pages!
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