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Bons collages

Prix habituel $44.99 CAD ($2.50 per serving)
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BENEFITS: Enhances gut health

USE: Simply mix one scoop into water

TASTE: Apple ginger flavour

SERVINGS: 18 day supply

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  • Grass-fed collagen
  • Healthy Gut
  • Antioxidants
  • 0g SUGAR
  • Made in Canada

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Product Details

Époux® Gut Collagen est une combinaison synergique de collagène et d'autres ingrédients actifs, conçue pour agir de manière significative de l'intérieur afin d'améliorer votre santé intestinale. Ajoutez une mesure à l'eau pour une boisson quotidienne rafraîchissante et votre intestin vous adorera !

  • Saveur pomme gingembre
    7 g de collagène nourri à l'herbe
  • 6 ingrédients actifs (collagène, inuline biologique, L-glutamine, gingembre biologique, quercétine et gel de feuilles d'aloe vera biologique)
  • 0 g de sucre
  • Ajoutez simplement une cuillère à l'eau froide
  • Donne une boisson légère et rafraîchissante



  • Source of antioxidants to help prevent damage caused by free radicals
  • Source of fibre


  • Relieves digestive upset
  • Helps support and maintain a healthy digestive system


Ingredients: Hydrolyzed grass-fed bovine collagen, Organic inulin, L-glutamine, Organic ginger, Quercetin, Organic aloe vera leaf gel, Organic erythritol, Natural apple flavour, Malic acid, Organic coconut water, Sea salt, Organic stevia, Monk fruit.


    • Hydrolyzed Grass-fed Collagen

      Source of types 1 and 3 collagen for all-round body health

    • Organic Inulin

      A prebiotic that promotes beneficial gut bacteria

    • L-Glutamine

      Improves intestinal integrity

    • Ginger

      Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

    • Quercetin

      Calms irritation and discomfort

    • Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Gel

      Relieves irritation and inflammation in the gut

    • Organic Coconut Water

      Rich in minerals

  • Good to Know

    • Made in Canada
    • Recyclable Packaging
    • 0g Sugar
    • Keto-Friendly
    • Gluten-Free

How to use

Our Gut Collagen has an apple ginger flavour and is lightly sweetened.

Blend into a smoothie.
Simply mix one scoop with water or juice
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Frequently asked Questions

Why choose Gut Collagen over Grass-fed Collagen?

We took our Grass-fed Collagen a step further with our Gut Collagen! We combined our grass-fed collagen with 5 other active ingredients targeted to support a healthy gut including quercetin, L-glutamine, inulin, aloe vera and ginger.

What are the health benefits of quercetin, L-glutamine, inulin, aloe vera and ginger?

Quercetin: Powerful antioxidant that helps to protect gut cells.

L-Glutamine: Helps to heal leaky gut by supporting intestinal cells.

Inulin: Promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Aloe vera: Anti-inflammatory agent to help relieve irritation and inflammation in the gut.

Ginger: Calms and soothes gut discomfort.

Who should use Gut Collagen?

Anyone looking to boost their gut health. This product is not recommend for anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding.

What does the Gut Collagen taste like?

Like a lightly refreshing and sweet beverage! There is a suble apple ginger flavour.

Why are there added flavours and sweeteners?

We wanted to create a blend of targeted supplements that could be simply added to water and taste great!