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Collagène Marin

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BENEFITS: Healthy hair, skin & nails

USE: Easily mixes into hot or cold beverages

TASTE: Unflavoured (no fishy taste)

SERVINGS: 24-40 day supply

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  • Glowing Skin
  • Healthy Hair & Nails
  • Pescetarian
  • Third-party tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Made in Canada

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Product Details

Sproos® s'approvisionne uniquement en collagène marin de qualité supérieure : 

  • Poisson sauvage (morue)
  • 10 g de collagène par portion
  • Collagène de type I
  • Peptides de collagène purs hydrolysés – rien d’autre ajouté !
  • Produit dans une installation certifiée BPF approuvée par Santé Canada
  • Projet sans OGM vérifié
  • Testé pour répondre aux normes strictes du Canada et de l'UE pour les métaux lourds
  • Très soluble : se dissout facilement dans les boissons chaudes et froides
  • Le faible poids moléculaire assure une absorption maximale



  • Improves skin elasticity and hydration
  • Visibly improves overall skin tone and appearance
  • Reduces and prevents fine lines


  • Hydrates and smoothes dry, brittle hair


  • Improves nail growth
  • Reduces brittle nails


Ingredients: Hydrolyzed marine collagen.

Contains: Fish (cod).


    • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

      Source of type 1 collagen for healthy hair, skin and nails

  • Good to Know

    • Made in Canada
    • Non-GMO Project Verified
    • Third-Party Tested
    • Recyclable Packaging
    • Keto-Friendly
    • Pescatarian

How to use

Our Marine Collagen is unflavoured and easily dissolves into anything you mix it into!

Simply mix into your coffee, tea or latte
Great in smoothies and juices
Add to oatmeal, soups, baking and more
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Frequently asked Questions

What type of fish are in marine collagen?

Predominantly wild-caught pollock, haddock and cod. All from regulated North Atlantic fisheries off of the coast of Eastern Canada.

What's the difference between marine and grass-fed collagen?

Marine collagen is a source of type I collagen. Marine collagen has the greatest bioavailability. Grass-fed collagen is an excellent source of collagen types I and III. Learn more.

Does Sproos Marine Collagen have a fishy taste?

Sproos Marine Collagen does not have a fishy taste.

How long do I need to take collagen before seeing benefits?

When it comes to seeing the benefits of collagen, consistency is key. It is important to take a serving of collagen every day. Generally, it can take up to 3 months to see benefits, however it is also dependent on the benefit. For example, you may notice stronger nails after just 4 weeks of taking collagen, but it may take 5 months to feel the benefits of collagen in your joints.

How is marine collagen processed? Is it tested for heavy metals?

The fish skins are cleaned and then hydrolyzed with a food-grade malic acid. Since we use smaller white fish with, we don’t need to use strong acids to process the fish like other companies that may use things like hydrochloric acid. They are further hydrolyzed with a food-grade enzyme to further break down the molecular weight (making them easier to dissolve + absorb). Then the collagen undergoes filtering and purification with water and heat and then are sterilized with steam and spray dried.

Sproos Marine Collagen undergos rigorous testing for heavy metals and contaminants. We’re pleased to say our marine collagen meets the most stringent worldwide standards for heavy metals and tests well below the Canadian permitted level.